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bobby juarez

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 JODI ARIAS takes the stand  by KMouse

--Jodi is asked to speak up so that everybody can hear her.
--Mother hit Jodi and her brother with the wooden spoon. Sometimes Mother would pull the car over and hit them with the spoon. It left welts.
--Father used a belt, was very intimidating and did not have to use the belt as often as her Mother.
--The incidents were frequent and intense. They increased in frequency as Jodi got older. Mother beat Jodi with the seemed like 4x a week to 1x every two weeks. It depended.
--Jodi lived in Selinas until age 11.
--Jodi and her brother did after school activities. Jodi began to get into art, her pets were very central in her life, read a lot of books, took karate lessons, flute lessons.
--re: art, Jodi liked to color when she was younger. Was fascinated by art and began to practice what she saw.
--beatings from parents continued. Increased all the way through the teenaged years.
--the level of the brutality increased. Jodi and her brother would squirm and the harder they would squirm the harder her parents would try and hit them.
--Mother broke the brother's vein once.
--as she became a teenager Father became rougher and rougher.
--Nurmi asks how she felt when her own mother was beating her. Jodi felt betrayed and confused and as she got older it made her mad because it hurt. It put a strain on their relationship but Jodi still loved her.
--re: Father and the beatings getting rougher. Father shoved her into furniture. Never used his fists. Side of her head hit a door post one time and it momentarily knocked her out. When she came to her Mother was there and told the Father to be careful. This happened when Jodi was 16-17 years old. She was arguing with her mother at the time.
--Sometimes she got grounded which became the norm in high school.
--re: beatings from Father. Jodi loved him.
--At age 11 moved to Santa Maria, CA. The pushing into furniture started then. Would have been in grades 6-8. Jodi was going to school with Carl at this time.
--Jodi's interests were trying to make new friends. Says it seemed like she was constantly going to new schools due to moving.
--Focused on her art in Junior High. Took art class. Mentored by her art teacher.
--Parents did not discourage her interest in art. Classmates and art teacher gave her a lot of praise. Parents were indifferent. Didn't really bother her at that time.
--Enrolled in art school for a few weeks. Other family members were more encouraging with her art. Parents never went out of their way to display it.
--Jodi went to high school, for Grade 9 they moved to Yreka and she went to Yreka Union High School. Grades 9-12.
--Jodi entered in her freshman year.
--Beatings from Father continued through the high school years.
--Right before they moved to Santa Maria, Jodi snuck out the house and she snuck back in and when her father asked her where she was her Father smacked her across the face 2x. Open handed hard slap. No bleeding. No bruising. It hurt.
--Father was very big at that time, he is frail now due to his health. Father is 5'11" and used to bench press 520 lbs.
--Mother was aware of Father beating her when she was present. Both parents punished Jodi.
--When Jodi turned 16-17 years old she doesn't remember Mother carrying the spoon anymore. Mother would grab whatever was around like a hair brush. Mother had acrylic nails so she would dig her nails in.
--In high school Jodi traveled to Costa Rica to learn Spanish better.
--Did not have many friends. Had a large circle but nobody she was very close with.
--Interes art continued.
--Worked in high school at her Dad's restaurant. Worked as a server from the age of 15. Worked afternoons and weekends.
--Jodi did not graduate high school because at the time, says it is complicated.
--Jodi dropped out of high school. She was living with her boyfriend at the time outside of Yreka.
--Jodi moved out of her parents home to live with the boyfriend because she was getting tired of the discipline. A few months before she turned 18 her parents grounded her until she was to turn 19 because she skipped a class. She skipped the class to study for an exam. She was studying and her Dad found her in her car and grounded her for a few months until she turned 18.
--This was towards the end of her senior year in high school in May.
--Got Fs because she "let it all fall apart".
--There was a physical incident of abuse where she was knocked against the door frame and Jodi then moved in with her boyfriend. Packed boxes and moved them to the boyfriends. Most of the stuff was at his place so when she was grounded she moved out.
--Turned 18 that summer and worked at a restaurant full time as there was bills to pay.
--Bobby Juarez was the boyfriend and he was unemployed. Bobby was three years older than Jodi. He had never been employed at that point.
--Met Juarez when she was 15, the first summer she moved to Yreka, the carnival came to town and she saw Juarez walking in a crowd. He caught her eye. He was dressed in 18th century goth clothing. It was July/August and it was hot and Juarez was dressed in a black suit and a high collared white shirt. Long dark curly hair. Jodi found Juarez intriguing.
--Spend the day at the fair, was waiting for her friends to go on the zipper ride. Saw Juarez again and he motioned for Jodi to come over. She walked up to him. They went on the zipper ride together, they parted and she did not see him for a while.
--later saw Juarez at a homecoming football game. They reintroduced themselves and Jodi gave him her phone number.
--They did not date right away, they were just friends for several months, Juarez was seeing somebody else at the time.
--Around new years they decided to become boyfriend/girlfriend.
--Jodi did not have a car or her licence yet. Juarez would come to town and meet her at a gas station by the school. They would hang out and hold hands.
--Juarez wanted to move to San Franciso and had other wild ideas and Jodi was 15 so she broke up with him.
--Juarez maintained the belief in vampires and read Ann Rice novels and wanted to go to San Fran to look for vampires.
--Jodi broke up with Juarez over the telephone. Juarez was very upset. Jodi says he didn't take it well. Nurmi asks what that means and Martinez objects.
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