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The Lockerbie Case

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Author Topic: The Lockerbie Case  (Read 4522 times)
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This is the online copy of the official MEBO ananlysis regarding the MST-13 timer question
received from MEBO Ldt. October 25/1999
published as original including italics, underlining and fat typography and including spelling errors etc.
Active underlined http-links are mine.



This is the summary of knowledge in this matter, dated 5-15-1999, correction 8-19-1999.

On November 14.-/15., 1991, we learned from two simultaneous pressconferences in the UK and in the USA that the alleged Libyan secret agents: Mr. Abdel Baset al-Megrahi and Mr. Lamen Khalifa Fhima, were being accused to be responsible for the alleged bombing of Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie.

The explosive device was then said to have been built into a portable radio-cassette player "Toshiba", type Bombeat 453, that had been placed into a brown "Samsonite"-suit-case, type Silhouette 4000.

This bomb-filled suitcase was then said to have been routed onto flight KM-180, leaving Malta for Frankfurt on December 21, 1988 (x-rayed) and handled as "interline" Luggage. This suit-case then was to continue the journey from Frankfurt on flight PA 103A in form of "online"-luggage to London-Heathrow to there be transferred onto flight PA-103, when this suitcase allegedly exploded at 7:03 PM (GMT) over Lockerbie shortly after takeoff from Heathrow!

The indictment, dated November 14./15., 1999, also maintains that a fragment from a circuit-board belonging to a MEBO MST-13 timer, had been discovered from the Lockerbie crash-site.

The indictment continues explaining that such MST-13 timer had triggered the bomb over Lockerbie, timers of which MEBO had delivered 20 prototype-units to Libyan Armed Forces Secret Service JSO in the years 1985-1986.

The MEBO Inc. Partners E. Meister and E. Bollier did confirm to the forensic experts from the FBI and the Scottish police that such MST-13 timers had actually been delivered to Libya; (see official police-protocols from 1990).

Meister and Bolier had "smartly" been coached into depositing such a statement by simply being asked to identify the alleged fragment from a slightly blurred photograph. Shock and stress from being named kind of an accessory to this tragedy prevented E. Bollier and E. Meister from insisting first to actually view the alleged fragment, prior to making clear identification!

In the summer of 1990, the FBI and the Scottish Police requested official legal assistance from the Swiss government to have the Swiss Federal Police and the Attorney General’s office organise the interrogation of the MEBO partners: Erwin Meister and Edwin Bollier as well as the MEBO electronics engineer Ulrich Lumpert. Various electronics items identified by the Lord Advocate’s office, were also to be confiscated during the questioning.

The Swiss legal assistance was to be quickly granted in connection with the alleged attempt of PanAm 103 over Lockerbie.

E. Meister and E. Bollier quickly and uncomplicatedly declared themselves available for the required questioning and also agreed to hand over the items listed in a special document from the Lord Advocate’s office, such as: several empty MST-13 circuit-boards, half-finished MST-13 timers, additional circuit-boards of the type, UZ4 relays and several connecting clamps (red-/black) as well MEBO soldering tin wire that was being used to hand-solder the various electronics building blocks of the MST-13 timer. (see police report no. B 004).

Moreover the FBI and the Scottish Police ordered from MEBO Inc. Two completely assembled MST-13 timers (including the casing), identical to the ones sold to Libya. Both these timers were then delivered to the forensic authorities for a price of SFR 1.000,--(invoice no B-0023).

Following the examination and comparison of the purchased two MST-13 timers, representatives from the Scottish Police returned to MEBO, with the very precise question: did MEBO use different types of MST-13 circuit boards ? The answer was "YES"!

At this point it is important to note that E. Meister and E.Bollier, up till 1998, had not at all discussed any details of the Lockerbie interrorgation with thei electronics engineer Ulrich Lumpert at that time. Excluding any form of possible influencing of the individual depositions, E. Meister and E.Bollier had no knowledge or information regarding Mr. Lumpert’s testimony with the forensic team. This statement is important to understand the following events:

Mysteries surrounding the alleged principle piece of prosecution-evidence, supposedly linking Libya to Lockerbie: the MST-13 timer circuit-board fragment! Prior to the official interrorgation of Mr. E.Meister and Mr. E.Bollier by the FBI and Scottish Police in 1990, four forensic photographs had been shown the MEBO executives, picturing:

   1. one MEBO-timer, type MST-13, without casing
   2. one MEBO electronic circuit-board UZ4, with scratched off company Logo "MEBO"
   3. an opened MST-13 timer (bottom-view) without casing and with the program-switch removed.
   4. A fragment with forensically applied saw-cuts belonging to MEBO MST-13 Timer circuit-board. This particular circuit-board had not been fitted with the proper complete relay-elements.

At least one of these photographs did also show a measuring ruler for size-comparison.

Mr. E.Meister and E.Bollier then had been asked to identify the pictured items to be parts and fragments from a MEBO MST-timer unit. The answer was: "YES". Meister and Bollier then had to answer the next question: where to were such timers sold? The answer: "only to Libya".

That was the moment when E.Meister and E.Bollier were told that the pictured, saw-cut, brown colored and partially carbonized circuit-board fragment in photograph no.4 had been discovered among the Lockerbie debris as part of the alleged bomb that downed Pan Am 103 on December 21, 1988.—As we know since March/April of 1998 only, the same questions had ben put before Mr. Ulrich Lumpert, the then MEBO electronics engineer.

Official interrogation by the FBI and Scottish Police in Zurich in the Fall of 1990, covered by the international agreement of reciprocity for such incidents of legal assistance.

During this official interrogation of witnesses by the FBI and the Scottish Police, the following incident occurred:

When the questioning focused onto the supposedly in Lockerbie discovered fragment from a MST-13 circuit-board, a representative from the Scottish Police produced a photograph with the explanation that this particular picture, - and not the formally shown photograph no.4, actually shows the true Lockerbie-fragment. This new picture showed an almost identically carbonized fragment as shown in the first photograph no.4! Why? Read the answer several paragraphs below:

This photograph was then entered as the official "Lockerbie-evidence" into the police-report introduced under an unknown ID-number at that time;- but signed by E.Meister and E.Bollier. (see:police protocol).

-This photograph of the alleged fragment that was supposedly discovered at Lockerbie showed details that convinced the MEBO-partners that the portrayed items shows a manipulated fragment from a non-functioning circuit-board.

This discovery then prompted E.Bollier to contact FBI- Legal Attache Robert Fanning at the US-embassy in Bern/Switzerland, to arrange a visit to FBI-HQ in Washington DC on February 9, 1991, in order to view the actual fragment!

Yet, upon arrival at the FBI HQ and during the February 9, 1991-week in Washington, piles of additional questions were being brought before E.Bollier; -with some of them having been answered while being connected to a lie-detector unit! Mr. Bollier was then being dismissed with the explanation that the original fragment was being safe-guarded in Scotland.

Within days after returning from Washington to Zurich, Mr. Edwin Bollier then travelled to Scotland for a visit with the forensic experts from the Scottish Police. But there too, E.Bollier was not allowed to view and/or examine the alleged fragment. Three additional and official requests sent to the Scottish Authorities by Mr. Bolier’s attorney were flatly denied-/rejected! (letters to the Lord Advocate, no. F0018)

Lacking proper support from the authorities in Switzerland, Scotland the USA and Libya, E.Meister and E.Bollier decided to halt their personal "forensic" investigation and to concentrate their efforts onto the day-to-day business activities of MEBO in order to keep at least alive what was then left of this company, following the badly adverse publicity in connection with the Lockerbie tragedy!

The subsequent deposition of a law-suit by the PanAm insurers, valued at 32mio US$, against MEBO Inc. End of 1991 then prompted Meister&Bollier to decidedly re-open their own extensive "forensic" research into the true background of the Lockerbie-affair.

Documented from information received from former MEBO electronics-engineer Ulrich Lumpert and supported by facts collected via phone-calls and meetings with representatives from the German Federal Police-BKA, E.Meister and E.Bollier recalled in 1993 that two MST-13 timers had been delivered to the then-East German Institute for Technical Research in Bernau. This transaction took place in 1985. We know today that this Institute was part of the Federal Security Services (STASI).

During the official police-interrogation in 1990/1991, E.Meister and E.Bollier simply did not remember this particular transaction (the sale of the two MST-13-prototypes to East Germany in 1985). These timers represent a truly negligeable transaction within the total volume of electronics equipment and accsessories (mainly communications product) traded with East Germany in those days.

When these facts were published in 1993 in many international news-media, critical analysts accused MEBO Inc. (Meister&Bollier) to have "manufactured" such a wild story to divert the suspicion of the forensic teams from Libya to another target-nation. It was even suggested that MEBO had accepted major payment for "this coverup-story"!!! --- But Mr. E.Meister and Mr. E.Bollier were able to produce clear proof for these transactions; - with German Federal Police (after discovery of the relevant receipt-documents from the archives of the former STASI-institute) clearly confirming receipt of the two timers in 1985!

These details were then officially added by Mr. E.Bollier to his original deposition made in 1991, 1992.

It is utterly absurd to believe that Libya would hand substantial funds to MEBO in order to see MEBO arguments being twisted into "facts" that would then appear in Libya’s favor!

The overall MEBO research efforts produced an enormous number of results, focusing mainly on discrepancies when compared to the official forensic reports. Known events before and after the Lockerbie-disaster easily confirm the belief and assumption that MEBO had been singled out and misused to establish the "script-oriented" link from Lockerbie to Libya.

In a forceful last-ditch effort to shed even more light into many aspects and angles of the general Lockerbie-events, with special focus on the alleged MEBO-involvment, MEBO decided end of 1997 to start a very forceful Internet-approach, including the appeal for copies of the official forensic fragment photographs. All these new activities were then concentrated in home-page *

The MEBO undertaking was amazingly successful in triggering a true flood of Lockerbie-activities reports, quickly reviving the then almost comatose Lockerbie-issue to volcano-or avalanche-like proportion. Large numbers of so far unknown (or little known) mysteries and dubious facts did surface as well.

These MEBO Internet-efforts also triggered a third party from the USA to first publish several pages of delicate information dealing with the 1985 crash of a DC-8 and possible links with Lockerbie via the MST-13 timer circuit board. Please: read the last section of this report for more information on the Gander-Lockerbie link.

During the intensive Internet-approach by MEBO, in 1998, MEBO also received the long sought after copy of the forensic fragment-photograph from a third party who was following the MEBO-/Bollier Internet publications. An enlargement of this photo then gave the following details:

   1. it was actually a copy of the forensic photograph shown to E.Meister and E.Bollier during the first meeting with the examining magistrate’s representatives.
   2. it is the picture of a hand-made circuit-board, clearly showing the differently soldered circuit-tracks.
   3. in Spring of 1998 MEBO received from a third party a video-recorded interview with FBI forensic expert in the Lockerbie case, Tom Thurman. In this video Thurman is showing exactly the same photograph, explaining that he knew on June 15, 1990 that this fragment was part of a MST-13 MEBO timer that allegedly triggered the Lockerbie bomb. --- It remains to be said at this point that T.Thurman has since been fired for allegedly manipulating forensic evidence in non-Lockerbie related cases.

During this extremely intensive MEBO research-approach into the Lockerbie events, Edwin Bollier met for the first time in 1998 since official interrogation with mr. Ulrich Lumpert, the then electronics engineer with MEBO, to discuss details from the testimony that U.Lumpert gave to the FBI and the Scottish Police.

U.Lumpert then rcalled that he had already stated the following in December 1993 for the BBC-airing of "Silence over Lockerbie" I did inform the investigators about the East German link during the first interrogation in late 1990; - a full year before the indictment of the two Libyan suspects. U. Lumpert also remembers that British, US and Swiss detectives were present during this first interrogation.

U.Lumpert remembers well that he clearly told these investigators in November of 1990 that the first two prototype timers had gone to East Berlin.

Mr. E.Meister and Mr. B.Bollier are at a loss to understand why the delivery of the two first prototype timers to East Germany had not been discussed at all, or even mentioned during their personal interrogation, despite probable full knowledge of these facts by the FBI and the Scottish Police, as far back as 1990! This incident demonstrates quite clearly that it was not at all desirable to know or even prove that other countries besides Libya had been handling MST-13 timers.

U.Lumpert also included into his 1990-protocol the fact that he had hand-etched three pieces of these MEBO MST-13 circuit-boards proto-types. He then used two of these circuit boards to complete two functioning MST-13 timers (the hand-made prototypes). He accidentally distroyed the third such board through breakage and he dropped it into the trash-bucket? (see policereport LU)

FBI forensic expert T.Thurman demonstrates in his video that the alleged Lockerbie-fragment is part of a handmade MST-13 timer circuit-board! Clearly visible markings show the hand-soldered tracks, sawed curvings, etc. An independent British forensic expert: Mr. Owen Lewis, declares in 1999 in two seperate TV airings: "Despatches" by channel 4, and "60 Minutes" by CBS the quite obviously visible differences between the hand-made and the industrially produced circuit-boards of these MST-13 timers.

E.Meister and E.Bollier can today clearly declare that the MEBO-MST-13 timers delivered to Libya were fitted with green-clored, machine-printed circuit-boards. Therefore we also know that the MST-13 timer fragment that was allegedly discovered in Lockerbie can not be from a MEBO MST-13 timer that was sold to Libya.

Just a reminder: thephotograph no.4 that was first shown to E.Meister and E.Bollier clearly shows a carbonated, hand-made segment from a brown-laquered circuit-board: (T.Thurmans fragment of July, 1990)!

The very precise question can be raised: WHO HAS EXCHANGED THIS PRIMARY PIECE OF EVIDENCE, the Lockerbie-fragment shown on photograph no.4, from the brown, hand-made circuit-board to the green, machine-produced pc-board, after learning that Libya had received none of the hand-made circuit-boards fitted into their MST-13 timers ?

On July 16, 1998, Mr. Edwin Bollier, chairman of MEBO Inc. officially added these new facts and revelations to his original testimony from 1990/91, in the District Attorney?s office in Zurich (acting for the office of the Swiss Attorney General). At the same time Mr. Bollier requested once more to be allowed to actually view-/examine the alleged forensic fragment evidence, in order to claerly determine the origin of this thumb-nail sized "chip". Is it part of the two timers sold to East Germany: - does it belong to the circuit-board that was broken by U.Lumpert, or could it possibly be from a Florida-made circuit-board-copy ? This last and latest possible version has been injected by Mr. Charles M. Buyers in early 1998, when he answered E.Bolliers Internet appeal. Buyer?s home-page then was: * Buyer’s title subject appeared as follows:


The detailed message on several pages also included three very clear photographs on one page, picturing an exact copy of the MST-13-circuit board. Charles Buyers explains that he knows of the one square inch fragment of the timer that was recovered at Lockerbie (among the PanAm wreckage). He clearly states: "I know where it was manufactured in Florida, by a company that delivered exclusively to the CIA. " Mr. Buyers himself and his accuracy ordnance company in Arizona had also delivered very special explosive devices to the CIA, DI and FBI for more than 15 years. Two forensic experts from the Los Angeles Police Dep visited his company in Arizona and clearly identified one such Buyers product to be responsible for the "explosion"-/crash of the Gander DC-8 in 1985. Only one week after their return to their jobs at the Los Angeles Police Dep. these veteran-specialists in defusing explosives had been called to disarm a pipe-bomb. Unfortunately this pipe-bomb was so smartly boobie-trapped that the two experts died!

Mr. E.Bollier and one of his associates: Mr. W. Anthony Meli, are absolutely certain today that Charles M. Buyers could shed much light into the Lockerbie-affair by clearly identifying the Florida-company that manufactured MST-13-timer circuit-board copies. This could be a very significant task because Mr. E.Bollier could not detect any differences between the MEBO circuit-boards and the one pictured by Charles Buyers!

During the detailed questioning of U.Lumpert by Mr. E.Bollier it was the first time that E.Bollier learned of the two blueprint copy-films that had been produced of the MST-13 timer circuit-boards.

We have to ask today: where are these first and second blueprint copy-films of the MST-timers ?

It was in early 1991 when E.Bollier was prepared to hand over the blueprintcopy-film and the only stencil of the MST-13 timer to representatives from the Scottish Police; - but he reaclied and the prepared material had been removed (stolen) from the MEBO premises.

Because E.Bollier had no knowledge at that time of two such blueprint copy-films being in existenence besides the stencil, the first such blueprint copy-film must have been removed at a much earlier time.

It is obvious that only an expert with proper knowledge was able to find, collect and remove exactly these items that were especially ment for the manufacture of the MST-13 timers.

Using the first set of blueprint copy-film, Mr. U.Lumpert produced the first three hand-made MST-13 timer prototype circuit-boards.

After applying minor changes on the blueprint-stencil, U.Lumpert had a second such blueprint copy-film made by a special film-copying institute. This second print was then used to produce the insutrially manufactured MST-13 timer circuit-boards. These industrially manufactured circuit-boards were about 1mm larger than the hand-made ones.

This serves as a significant item of evidence! The British forensic expert Mr. Owen Lewis, shows the difference between the insdustrial and the hand-made circuit-boards in his TV-airing: "Despatches" on Channel 4.

The alleged Lockerbie MST-13 fragment, as declared to be a large piece of evidence by T.Thurman on June 15, 1990, clearly shows, among many other significant discrepancies, that the industrially manufactured circuit-board is 1mm larger than the hand-made one!

The second blueprint copy-film was used by the Thuring-company to industrially manufacture 58 units of the MST-13 timer circuit-boards; --- to then be delivered to MEBO (delivery note no. F0016).

From these 58 industrially manufactured units, 24 pieces were different from the others. 34 units were green-lacquered on both sides, 24 units on one side only (front-side only).

E.Meister and E.Bollier erroniously assumed in the past that the first 5 produced MST-13 timers (prototypes) contained circuit-boards from the twentyfour industrial boards that were laquered on one side only!

Summary: had E.Meister and E.Bollier been given permission to examine the official fragment and-/or fragment photographs, we all would not have seen 8 years pass in order to prove that the MST-13 timer fragment that had allegedly been discovered in Lockerbie does not belong to a timer that had been delivered to Libya!

MEBO Inc. is not able to answer one very touchy question: Where are the first and the second sets of blueprint copy-films and the stencil for the manufacture of the MST-13 timers today? Due to the fact that all these items represent very special tools that had to be collected from various storing places within MEBO offices, we must assume that this material has been removed (stolen) by a very well instructed and equally knowledgeable expert. --- Whoever owns such set of tools will only have to organize the proper base-materials to then duplicate the MST-13 timers; - timer that could (and possibly would) match the original MEBO timers like a "fingerprint"!

This general MEBO report-section focuses mainly on the MST-13-TIMER-FRAGMENT.

The MEBO overall Lockerbie research has, though produced an extensive list of clear facts and results that reach far beyond the so-far known forensic (research-results published) by the official forensic teams. Most of the factual MEBO results are so stunning that the total of all result-pieces could easily be used to complete the Lockerbie-puzzle!

The extensive list of extraordinary MEBO research-results very clearly point to a well-planned conspiracy against Libya, by misusing MEBO to establish the link from Lockerbie to Libya via the alleged fragment from a MEBO MST-13 timer.

E.Meister and E.Bollier tremendously regret that they could experience no support whatsoever during their almost 8-years of heroic research for clear and honest answers in the Lockerbie-affair.

(end of report)
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