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 on: February 06, 2016, 09:39:05 am 
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 on: February 04, 2016, 04:03:29 pm 
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 on: February 04, 2016, 03:16:39 pm 
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 on: February 04, 2016, 02:48:48 pm 
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pics of Avery's Auto Salvage

 on: September 27, 2015, 11:15:11 am 
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Sex beast Larry Murphy breaks leg in pub brawl in London

 NOTORIOUS rapist Larry Murphy reportedly broke his leg in a pub brawl in London.

 Paul Healy – 15 June 2015 03:00 AM

The sex beast was allegedly involved in a fight with a group of men near to his new home in a north east suburb of the British city.

Murphy (50) then made the injury worse when he was involved in a workplace accident shortly after the attack, according to the Irish Sun.

The convicted criminal was in a drunken argument in his local bar in the north east of London - but it was in no way linked to his previous sickening crimes.

"He was involved in some stupid pub row, not linked to his past," a source told the newspaper.

"He told police about it and hobbled around in a cast for a while."

The source added that Larry is a regular in the local drinking spot.


Murphy is reportedly still in a relationship with a woman he was spotted with last year.

This woman is well aware of his conviction. He served 10 years of a 15-year sentence for **** and attempted murder of a woman in 2000.

Murphy is also a suspect in the case of missing women Annie McCarrick, Jo Jo Dollard and Deirdre Jacob.

A cold case investigation into the disappearance of Deirdre Jacob is now being focused on links established to the rapist.

Murphy refused to co-operate with detectives while he was serving a term for **** in prison here.

He was asked directly if he had anything to do with Deirdre's murder, but simply told gardai that he would get back to them.

Retired Detective Sergeant Alan Bailey visited Arbour Hill prison after Murphy's release, where he met a prisoner who told him Murphy had boasted that he had killed Deirdre "with a hammer."

The prisoner claimed that Murphy told him he followed Deirdre as she walked to her parents' home.

Murphy further told his prison pal that he had beckoned the teenager over to his car, knocked her unconscious and dragged her on to the front seat.

A cold case review is also focused on established facts that Murphy was in the Newbridge area around the time Deirdre had disappeared in 1998.

In addition, his business card was found at her grandmother's sweet shop after her death.

Deirdre's father Michael issued a fresh appeal for two months ago for information on the disappearance of his then 18-year-old daughter.

Her mother Bernadette said: "We're as wise today as we were the day Deirdre went missing. We have absolutely nothing to go on and it's very hard to continue."

 on: October 29, 2014, 04:58:59 pm 
Started by TD892 - Last post by TD892
 Larry: I’m sorry for raping that girl
- He has female pal
- Using 4 identities

 on: October 29, 2014, 04:01:27 pm 
Started by TD892 - Last post by TD892
Detectives to resume hunt for Fiona's secret grave
Major breakthrough in 1996 case as 'suspect' detained by foreign police

 Gardai could begin searching as soon as this week for the secret grave of murdered woman Fiona Pender, the Sunday Independent has learned.


Detectives investigating her murder have received what they believe to be the most significant information to date in their 18-year long probe into the disappearance of the 25-year-old woman. Fiona, who was last seen in August 1996, was seven months pregnant at the time.

A statement made to gardai by a woman living abroad is understood to indicate she was shown a location on farmland near Tullamore, Co Offaly, where, she claimed, a man who gardai regard as a suspect said that Fiona was buried.

The woman had never spoken to police before this month. They were alerted to the woman's claims after she made a complaint that her life had been threatened and she was in fear of being murdered.

She claims that her life was threatened and went to police in the country she is now living in.

She also claims that the man told her that he would do to her "what he did to Fiona". The man was arrested and is being held in custody.

It is understood he has yet to be interviewed by gardai and has denied threatening to kill the woman.

He has not been formally questioned about the disappearance of Fiona, but gardai can apply to travel to the country to question him in the presence of local police.

There are no plans to extradite the man back to Ireland as there is not sufficient evidence to charge him with Fiona's murder.

Under our extradition laws, there would have to be enough evidence to be able to bring him directly before the courts here to be charged.

It is understood that the decision by the woman to reveal her story has given gardai a basis for resuming the search for Fiona's body. In the months after her disappearance, extensive searches were carried out and a three-mile stretch of the Grand Canal drained, but to no avail.

With more specific information arising from the woman's statement it is understood gardai have already identified the location she has described and are preparing to begin searching again.

Fiona was last seen by her family and friends on August 22, 1996. She spent most of the afternoon with her mother Josephine who dropped her off at the flat in Church Street in Tullamore which Fiona shared with her then boyfriend, John Thompson.

A friend of Fiona's called at the flat the next day and could not get a reply.

The curtains were still drawn in the afternoon and she called Fiona's family.

When there was still no sign of Fiona, her family rang John Armstrong who said he hadn't seen her either. He said she was asleep when he left for work on the morning of August 23.

The gardai were then alerted.

Earlier this year Mrs Pender renewed her appeal for anyone with any information about her daughter's disappearance to come forward.

Up to 13,000 people signed a petition as part of a huge public campaign in Offaly for information about Fiona's disappearance.

The stretch of the canal that was drained during the search was subsequently named after Fiona.

A year after the disappearance gardai arrested and questioned five people, but released them without charge.

The case made no further advance though a series of what gardai described as "crank" leads were reported and had to be investigated.

Gardai and Fiona's family strongly believed she was killed by someone she knew and that others assisted in her disappearance and believed secret burial.

While Fiona's name has regularly been included in lists of women missing and believed murdered in the Leinster area during the 1990s gardai never suspected Fiona was the random victim of a serial killer.

Gardai questioned the rapist Larry Murphy about Fiona's disappearance after he began his prison sentence after conviction for the **** and attempted murder of a Carlow woman in 2000.

However, Murphy is no longer considered to be a suspect in the case.

Sunday Independent

 on: August 27, 2014, 10:15:31 am 
Started by TD892 - Last post by TD892
challapalca prison Peru - penal challapalca  Peru

 on: July 14, 2014, 11:05:19 am 
Started by TD892 - Last post by AlbertBourns
Operation Framework was an investigation into a number of British men who police believed were taking children abroad, principally to Amsterdam, where they were being sold into prostitution and ****ography.

On the day of the final police ‘swoop’, thirty-one search warrants had been obtained, including one against Warwick Spinks.  Spinks at the time was a known but unconvicted paedophile, close to the heart of the trade in children.  Police used an undercover officer, known as Todd, to gain Spink’s confidence.  The story is reproduced here exactly as Todd recalls it in ‘The Dirty Squad‘ by Michael Hames.

    In November 1992 I was tasked to gain the confidence of a man called Warwick Spinks, who lived in Norwood. After gaining his trust I was to monitor his movements and activities with a view to bringing a prosecution. I had to pass myself off as a homosexual paedophile, but this time I had to do it without letting the target know that I knew he was a paedophile. To make matters even more difficult, this man had never been convicted of anything, so I had to work on a person who had no form for me to study, and who also possessed an apparent ability to run rings around the law. It was not going to be an easy job, and we knew this would be a long-term operation. Spinks had placed advertisements in Boyz, a free homosexual magazine, offering flats to rent in Poland and Amsterdam. I called the number in the advertisement and Spinks answered the telephone. I introduced myself as an executive in an insurance and finance business, and I said I would like to use his flat in Amsterdam. We arranged the dates and agreed the terms, and I gave him a special office number so he could contact me if there was any need. He told me I could pick up the keys from him at the flat in Amsterdam, as he would be there on 17 December, the date I was due to arrive.

    Spinks had been under fairly regular surveillance, and a couple of days before I was due to meet him he was seen in Victoria station, talking to a teenage boy he was definitely aiming to pick up. I was shown a photograph of the two of them in the station as part of my briefing before I left for Holland. On my arrival in Amsterdam I met up with a young Dutch police officer who was to work with me. He was using the name of Mark. In the early afternoon he drove me to the Amstel district and parked outside a large block of flats with the name `Amstel 294′ on the front. Mark waited in the car and I went into the foyer of the building. I pressed the intercom for one of the flats. A man answered and told me to take the lift to the fifth floor. When I got there I knocked on the door of the flat. Warwick Spinks opened the door. I recognised him at once from the various photographs I had seen. He looked younger than his years; he could easily have been taken for a man of twenty-five, rather fat but quite flashily good-looking, the type anybody would assume to be a ladies’ man. He took me inside and introduced me to the same youth he was photographed with in Victoria station. `This is my friend Ken,’ he said. Spinks then gave me a cursory tour of the flat, which was one big room with kitchen facilities and a fold-down bed, plus a separate shower room and toilet. I said to Spinks, I’ve met a friend of a friend of mine over here. He’s downstairs. He doesn’t know Amsterdam, perhaps we could all go out this evening?’ `Sure: Spinks said. ‘In fact we can go for a drink right now, just so you get the feel of the place, then tonight we’ll all go out for a proper pub crawl: `That’s marvellous,’ I said:I’m here for three days, and I don’t want to miss out on anything. If you really don’t mind showing me round …’

    `It’ll be a pleasure, Todd: `Great. I’ll pay for everything. I want to see the right places. You know I winked, ‘where they’ve got the younger element.’ Downstairs I introduced Mark, then the four of us walked through the cold sunlit streets to the Marcella Bar in Princengracht. We sat at a table and Spinks ordered our drinks in Dutch. He was extremely friendly and I appeared to hit it off with him without any difficulty. He commented on my ****ney accent, and I told him that I came from the East End. He told me he was from South London. I tried to ask Ken about himself, but Spinks did all the talking. `Ken lives in Kent. He’s fifteen,’ he added, with the shadow of a wink. Later, when Ken went to the toilet, Spinks told me that he had had sexual intercourse with the lad the night before. He said it was Ken’s first sexual experience and that he had pretended to be drunk and asleep throughout the whole scene. When we were on our second drink Spinks asked me what I was going to do during my stay in Amsterdam. I told him I would like to look at some videos and visit a few gay bars. He told me that there were plenty of chickens — young boys — in the gay bars around the city. I did my best to look pleased about that, then I moved the subject on to videos. `I’ll tell you what, Warwick, I said, ‘I bought a few videos back in England but they were very poor quality.’ `Yeah, well, they would be’. He told me he had run a ****o video business in Kent at one time, using the name of J. Heath. He said all of his stock of videos had been confiscated by the police, but he hadn’t been caught. Do you still have any contacts in the business?’ I asked him. He nodded slowly and smiled. He said that he could get any kind of videos I wanted right there in Amsterdam.

    `I don’t think I’d like to run the risk of taking them through Customs’ I said ‘Have you got any back in England I might have a look at?’ `Sure, I’ll fix you up, Todd. Don’t worry about it.’ Later, while Ken and Mark sat saying nothing, looking around them, Spinks told me he had other flats for rent in Warmoestraat, which was in another part of Amsterdam. `But they’re for straight punters. I’ve got flats to rent in Prague and the Canary Islands, too, if you’re ever interested: `I quite fancy Prague,’ I said.’Never been there, mind you’.  Spinks told me drink and
ecigs were cheap in Prague. He had plenty of supplies in England and he would be happy to sell some to me cheap. I noticed that Spinks was getting more talkative the more he drank. He told me he had been coming to Amsterdam since he was fifteen years old. He also said that he had been married and had two children, but he had left his wife and was living with a nineteen-year-old Polish boy in Thornton Heath. He referred to this boy as ‘the wife’. When he showed some interest in my own background I told him I was the executive manager of an insurance and finance company. I was single, I said, and usually inclined to keep myself to myself. Spinks told me that tonight, just for a change, I could come out of my shell. He said he would show us round the best gay bars in Amsterdam.Then he looked at his watch. `I have to go. I’ve an appointment to keep.’ We arranged that we would meet again in the evening at seven o’clock, at Amstel 294. Before he and Ken left the bar Spinks gave me a set of keys for the flat. I waited five minutes, then left the bar with Mark. We met up with other Dutch officers and went to a hotel where a room had been booked for me.We spent the rest of the afternoon making notes.

    Later I went to the flat with Mark, where we sat and waited for the other two to show up. At about half-past seven Spinks buzzed the intercom and told me he was in the foyer with Ken. Mark and I went down and all four of us went to the Amstelhoek, a gay bar. While we were there Spinks told me he wanted to show me as many bars as possible that evening because he was going back to England with Ken the following day. We stayed in Amstelhoek for about three minutes and then went to Chez Manfred on Halvemassteeg. It was full to the door with gay men of all ages.There were also two middle-aged women, who were walking along the bar, putting lipstick on the men as they passed. We declined their offer and went to another bar opposite. This place was decorated entirely in white, with white cloth on the walls and ceiling. `It’s like walking into a giant condom,’ Spinks said. Like the other places this was a gay bar, as busy as the one across the road. Two black men behind me were dancing, and after a minute I felt two hands closing around my genitals. I looked over my shoulder, trying not to panic, and I saw that one of the black men had turned towards me and was dancing with his front to my back. He grinned at me and so did Spinks. I pulled away from him perhaps a little too sharply, then I quickly explained to Spinks that he had been making me spill my drink. We left this bar after ten minutes and went to a quieter one on Amstel. There were only four other customers and the bar had no disco, so it was possible to have a conversation. Spinks drew me to one side. `Todd, I want your stay in Amsterdam to be a memorable one. There’s lots of other gay bars I want to show you, but I’ve got a problem. I didn’t get a chance to go to the bank, so I’m running low on money. Could you lend me three hundred guilders?’ `No problem’.

    I handed him the cash, and I had the immediate sense that I had passed some kind of test. He put his mouth close to my ear. `The next bar we go to,’ he whispered ‘I’m going to fix you up with a chicken’.  So events were fitting the required scenario. Spinks had taken to me. I had won his confidence, and he accepted me as a paedophile, all on my first day in the job. The only snag so far was that I had to make sure I had no part in the soliciting of a minor, and I had to do it without making Spinks suspicious. `Listen: I said,’ tapping my chest, ‘I’ve got to be careful. With this heart condition I’ve got, a frisky chicken would probably kill me’ `Nah. Spinks shook his head. ‘You won’t have to do anything. You can just cuddle, or the boy can give you a blow-job. It won’t cost you a thing, either. It’ll be my treat.’ He said I could take the boy back to Amstel 294N, and at some point during the evening we could swap partners. He would let me sleep with Ken while he had sex with the boy he had supplied for me. Now I felt a little flutter of panic. I told Spinks it seemed like a good idea, but the fact was, I fancied Mark. He frowned at me. ‘Isn’t he a bit old for your taste?’ `He is, yes, but he’s the boyfriend of a friend, you see? It would give me a bit of a kick if I could make it with him. I won’t get a chance after tonight, so I’d like to take a shot at it, if you won’t feel offended.’ `Do you think Mark will go for it?’ Spinks muttered. ‘He doesn’t look all that interested to me.’ I said I would speak to Mark, and if he wasn’t interested, I would take Spinks up on his kind offer. `Fair enough: Spinks said. I asked Mark to come outside for a minute. He followed me out on to the cold street.

    ‘Look’ I said, `me and you have got to fall in love very, very quickly, otherwise we’re both in the ****, big time.’ Mark understood. We walked back into the bar hand in hand. `I’m in with Mark: I whispered to Spinks. ‘But thanks for your offer, anyway.’ Keeping my voice low, I told Spinks that not only had Mark agreed to sleep with me, but he was going to drive me back to his house where I could stay the night, so Spinks could have the use of Amstel 294, which would save him driving across the city to the place where he was staying. `Suits me fine,’ Spinks said, and I could see he had swallowed the story. He looked at his watch. ‘I’ll have to phone the wife soon. He’s a jealous lad and gets stroppy if I don’t keep in touch.’ At about 9:30 I told Spinks I was keen to leave with Mark, now we had an understanding. We said our goodbyes and I thanked Spinks for making my first visit to Amsterdam so enjoyable. I left the bar with Mark and we then drove to my hotel, where we made our notes. I was confident, by that time, that I had made a sound contact with Spinks, and that he not only trusted me and accepted me as a paedophile, but appeared to want to stay friendly. When I returned to England I allowed time for Spinks to get back, then I telephoned him, because I had to give him back the keys to the flat in Amsterdam. I said I would bring them round. He told me not to bother, I could just post them. I said I didn’t like the idea of putting keys in the post, I’d much sooner give them to him. So I met him down in Norwood, and he introduced me to the man he had referred to as his wife. We had a drink and as I left he said he wanted to have a natter with me again really soon. We kept in touch fairly regularly after that. I used to meet him at Compton’s and similar places in the West End. It was an easy-going arrangement, smoother than I had imagined at the outset.

    Then without any warning Spinks moved to Hastings to live. I made excuses to keep in contact with him there, too. Operation Framework at that point had been running for about two years; they now had a list of numerous names and addresses where they would soon make simultaneous swoops nationwide. The big day was about to dawn. I went down to Hastings to find out if Spinks would be there the following Tuesday, when the raids were due to take place. When I was alone with him in his house he said, ‘I had two lovely boys here. Fourteen, they were, both of them.’ He winked. `I took photographs.’ `Local lads, are they?’ I asked him. `No fear.They’re from a children’s home in Doncaster.’ I told him I would love to see the photographs. He said he hadn’t had them developed yet. `I’m going over to Amsterdam next week, I’ll get them developed then. I asked him what the boys looked like. One was fair, he said, and was called Tom; the other one, Ricky, was dark-haired. `Lovely,’ I said. I’d definitely like to see them.’ Because of that conversation, the Framework invasion plan was put on hold until we had a date when Warwick Spinks would be back home at Hastings. Meanwhile, going on the descriptions of the boys I had been given, plus their names and the location, the police were able to go to the only children’s home in Doncaster where they found, sure enough, that two boys with those names and fitting those descriptions had run away several days earlier. Later, when the boys had been found again and brought back to the home, one of them described how they had been picked up in Hastings by Spinks and taken to his home. He had sodomised them at knife-point, then made them sodomise each other.
Operation Framework was an investigation into a number of British men who police believed were taking children abroad, principally to Amsterdam, where they were being sold into prostitution and ****ography.

On the day of the final police ‘swoop’, thirty-one search warrants had been obtained, including one against Warwick Spinks.  Spinks at the time was a known but unconvicted paedophile, close to the heart of the trade in children.  Police used an undercover officer, known as Todd, to gain Spink’s confidence.  The story is reproduced here exactly as Todd recalls it in ‘The Dirty Squad‘ by Michael Hames.
    One of them was taken to Amsterdam and sold to the owner of a club called the Blue Boy. He eventually escaped through a window and went to the British consul, who brought him back to England. Meanwhile, Framework had to be re-scheduled, so I called Spinks in Amsterdam and said I was thinking of coming over to Hastings the following Wednesday, which was when the officers running Framework wanted to make all the raids. ‘I’ll be home that day, sure: he told me.’Earlier than that, most likely. Come down when you like: `I wondered if you’d have the photos of the two lads you told me about,’ I said. `I should have them by then, yeah: he said.’You won’t be disappointed, I can promise you.’ `Great. I’ll see you next Wednesday, then: Spinks was duly raided the following Wednesday.Among other material, the police found the negatives of the photographs of Tom and Ricky from the children’s home. At Lewes Crown Court Spinks pleaded not guilty to a number of charges. After I and everyone else involved in the case had given evidence, Spinks was found guilty. He was sentenced to seven years’ imprisonment.
Well thanks for sharing all the details. There is plenty to gain from entire post and I will keep following other post as well..

 on: May 14, 2014, 06:24:50 am 
Started by TD892 - Last post by TD892
Dutch :

'Jongens doodgemarteld voor in Hoofddorp gefilmde P orno'
07/04/97, 00:00

Een aantal Britse pedofielen zou in het begin van de jaren negentig in Amsterdam en Hoofddorp video's hebben geproduceerd waarop jongens in de leeftijd van acht tot veertien jaar seksueel werden misbruikt en gemarteld....
Van onze verslaggevers


Volgens de Britse krant The Guardian wordt de zaak door de Nederlandse politie onderzocht, in samenwerking met een speciale afdeling van Scotland Yard.

De politie in Hoofddorp bevestigt dat ze twee rechercheurs van de zedenpolitie op de zaak heeft gezet. Een van de Britse journalisten die de zaak nu in de openbaarheid brengen, heeft een adres in Hoofddorp genoemd waar enige video's zouden zijn opgenomen. Ook nam hij de politie mee naar een meer waarin de lichamen van de jongens zouden zijn verdwenen. De politie in Amsterdam, waar ook gruwelijke films zouden zijn gemaakt, heeft in 1993 een onderzoek gedaan naar deze zaak, maar dat leverde niets op.

Dinsdag vertoont de Britse tv-zender ITV een documentaire, The Boy Business. Daarin doen de journalisten Nick Davies en Eamon

O'Connor verslag van hun onderzoek naar deze affaire, dat twee jaar in beslag heeft genomen.

Centraal staat een 31-jarige Londenaar, Warwick Spinks. Deze zit momenteel in Engeland een celstraf van vijf jaar uit wegens verkrachting van een veertienjarige jongen, die hij vervolgens verkocht aan het bordeel Blue Boy in Amsterdam. De jongen, Gary, ontsnapte in 1993, en schakelde de politie in. Vervolgens werd Spinks gearresteerd.

Zoals meer Britse pedofielen verhuisde Spinks aan het eind van de jaren tachtig naar Amsterdam, vanwege de harde aanpak van pedofielen in Groot-Brittannië en het relatief tolerante klimaat in Nederland.

In Amsterdam werkte Spinks in het niet meer bestaande bordeel Gay Place. Daar ontmoette hij een andere Brit, in de documentaire 'Edward' genoemd. De gedetailleerde beschuldigingen aan Spinks' adres zijn in de meeste gevallen van hem afkomstig. Edward beschrijft onder meer in detail een volgens hem door Spinks geproduceerde video, waarop een achtjarige jongen seksueel wordt misbruikt en gemarteld. Ook zou hij vijf video's hebben gezien waarop was te zien hoe jonge jongens werden vermoord.

In Amsterdam woonde Spinks in een huis met een wegens drugshandel veroordeelde kennis, die in de documentaire 'Frank' wordt genoemd, en diens vriend. Deze Frank heeft tegenover de Britse politie eveneens verklaard dat Spinks betrokken was bij de productie van video's waarop jonge jongens werden gemarteld en vermoord.

Scotland Yard is in het bezit van één video, naar de naam van het slachtoffer 'de Bjorn-tape' genoemd.

Het staat niet vast dat de 'Bjorn-tape' door Spinks is geproduceerd. Behalve op de getuigenis van Edward zijn de beschuldigingen aan zijn adres ook gebaseerd op verklaringen uit de kring van Britse pedofielen die samen met Spinks in Amsterdam verbleven, en op door een Amsterdamse undercover-inspecteur gemaakte bandopnamen. Op een daarvan zegt Spinks dat hij zijn klant wel aan video's kan helpen waarop sado-masochistische handelingen met een tienjarige jongen worden gepleegd. 'Misschien heb ik er zelf nog wel een liggen.'

Op dezelfde opname verklaart Spinks op de hoogte te zijn van het bestaan van in zeer beperkte oplage gedistribueerde video's, waarop te zien is hoe jongens worden doodgemarteld. Die video's zouden voor vijfduizend dollar per stuk worden verkocht op de Amerikaanse markt.

Spinks zou de slachtoffers voor de video's en ander ****ografisch materiaal hebben geronseld onder veelal dakloze straatjongens in onder meer München, Berlijn, Dresden, Londen en Bratislava. Voor de distributie van de video's zou hij hebben samengewerkt met twee Nederlandse criminelen. Een van hen zou een leidende figuur zijn in de Nederlandse georganiseerde misdaad, de andere zou eigenaar zijn van een bordeel in Amsterdam.

Onder de Britse pedofielen die in Amsterdam ****ografisch materiaal produceerden, bevond zich volgens de documentaire ook Peter Howells, eigenaar van een in Londen en Amsterdam werkzaam kinder-theaterbureau, Bovver Boots.

Spinks komt deze zomer vervroegd vrij. Op de in het geheim gemaakte bandopnames verklaart hij: 'Ik weet dat ik een dikke oude flikker ben, maar ik kom er altijd mee weg. Ik kom weg met moord.' Spinks ontkende zaterdag in The Guardian alle beschuldigingen.****o.dhtml

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