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The Desert Where Jodi Arias Threw the Gun

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Author Topic: The Desert Where Jodi Arias Threw the Gun  (Read 1498 times)
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« on: April 18, 2013, 12:02:52 pm »

The Desert Where Jodi Arias Threw the Gun

Between Sun City and Kingman
255 miles of desert
Here's one more clue we can use to zero in on where the gun might be located. Jodi said that at the point she pulled over and threw the gun into the desert, she started charging her phone but couldn't make calls right away because she didn't have any cell phone reception in the area.

I laid a map of Arizona over the coverage maps for all of the major cell phone service providers, including Sprint - the service she used at the time. There's only one section of US 93 where cell strength is very weak and that's because the highway passes in between two mountain ranges. It's a stretch of about 60 miles running south from the I-40. If you were driving north on US 93, it would be from mile marker 154 to mile marker 95. I've highlighted it as best I can in yellow in the map above.

At some points, the desert on the right hand side of the highway is a wall of rock that goes straight up and probably not a spot at which you could throw a gun but there are long stretches of flat desert.

Between Sun City and Kingman
255 miles of desert

Jodi said she got rid of the gun before she saw the sign that said she had 100 miles left to reach Las Vegas. That sign is on US 93 just north of Kingman as you're leaving town. You must drive through Kingman to continue on to Las Vegas. The section you drive through is very populated and wouldn't be described as "desert". If she really threw the gun in the desert before seeing that sign, she'd have had to have gotten rid of it before Kingman.

There are two routes you can take to get from Mesa, AZ, to Kingman. You can either head west on US 60 to US 93/I-40 (about 3 hours and 10 minutes) or you can take SR 87 north from Mesa to Payson and catch I-40W (about 5 hours and 20 minutes). The Payson route is two hours longer than taking US 60.

Jodi was 47 miles north of Kingman at 11:48pm on June 4th based on the voice mail she left for Travis as part of her cover up. That's another 40 minutes added to the trip options above.

Two possible routes:

Option #1 - Mesa to US 60 to US 93 to 47 miles north of Kingman - 3 hours and 50 minutes

Option #2 - Mesa to SR 87 to I-40W to US93 to 47 miles north of Kingman - 6 hours

We know that Travis's camera has a picture of him on the floor - bleeding - in his bathroom at 5:32pm with Jodi's foot in the picture and by 11:48pm she's 47 miles north of Kingman. That's a span of 6 hours and 15 minutes.

We know she also spent some time cleaning up the scene at Travis's home and made a stop to wash the blood off her hands, find her charger and throw the gun. It would have been difficult for her to have made it north of Kingman by 11:48pm if she'd taken the Payson route.

Remember earlier that Jodi testified that when she left Travis's she remembered she must have been heading west because the sun was in her face. Sunset in Phoenix on June 4, 2008, was at 7:35pm. Jodi would have been driving west around that time if she took the US 60 route to Kingman but north if she'd gone to Payson. I think we have to assume that Jodi took the US 60/US 93 route.

Going back to Jodi's testimony: "I hit a lot of stoplights. And then eventually I was in the desert..."

I've driven that route many times and that's exactly what it's like when you take US 60 out of Phoenix. Sun City is the last, large development you notice as you're leaving town. There are a number of small cities in between Sun City and Kingman - such as Wickenburg - but really it's 255 miles of desert.

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