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December 01, 2020, 06:52:38 pm
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Gaddafi and the past

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Author Topic: Gaddafi and the past  (Read 1493 times)
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« on: February 25, 2011, 02:54:25 pm »

Brother Leader of the Revolution Moammar Ghadhafi presents an analysis about the actual crisis the world is passing through about terrorism

1- Attack against America by striking Washington, the political capital and New York, the economic capital
It is a horrifying and memorable act is intentionally premeditated with forethought insistence has rather reached a tenacious scheming to the extent that it was branded by spectacular form.
2- The terrorist action
The first part concerns America as an aggressed over ,whatever are justifications of those who committed it.

America as any other states and individuals has the right to defend itself ,either in accordance with article 51 of the UN Charter ,that is actually inoperative or with else.

Right of self defense is a legitimate matter . And America possesses the power enabling it to.
In this regard America does not need anybody to defend itself , strike its enemy or even get assistance to justify that.
It is a kind of flattering to show readiness to assist America in a matter concerning her and capable of.
The second part : terrorism this matter does not concern
America alone. It concerns all the world. This needs an international cooperation and international procedure.
America could not fight it alone. And it is illogic and useless to change America with this mission.
What a pity ! mingling has appeared , as well as indistinctment, and confusion in perception.
Proceeding and cooperation in this matter (terrorism) is not a service to America like flatterers have shown.
It is a self defense for each of us. Either America was hit on 11\9 or not America should not reward who fight terrorism inasmuch as fighting terrorism is not a service to America as those show.
It is rather a service to yourself, who among us likes terrorism..who among us likes to live with his children, people and state in a world where terrorism prevails. Terrorism is an awful thing.
Unfortunately, the world has shown a high level of hibocrisy, from which has resulted a world uneasiness : are we defending America and helping to retaliate and punish those who stroke on 11\9 ? are we adopting an international program to fight terrorism , or according to our wishes eliminating it ?
There is a great deference between both matters . hypocrisy, fear and greediness are the elements behind this mingling , and this confusion these days .
There is pigheaded people that refused to cooperate to fight terrorism, because it has been connected with definding America, or with participation with it against Afghanistan.
There are those who hurried to strike Afghanistan ,
not because the are against terrorism but because the are against Taliban for reasons that concern them or because he is covetous , frightened or hypocrite.
We should exercise a sincere transparency in these days .He who likes to ally or cooperate with America to turn back its strike from its enemy should do it frankly.
This is not the first nor the last time in history where states ally or cooperate together to assist each other.
Every states is free to exercise its independence by standing with America against Afghanistan for instance or against Ben Laden.
Although America, as I said does not need anybody as for defending itself or take revenge.
As for terrorism the matter is different.. towards it we need each to other.. we need really an international cooperation striving long breath and new international policy.
But the terrorism subject is a sea without shore. We should not delude ourselves by thinking that we are capable of.
First: what is terrorism ? decisively we shall differ in the identification. And if it happens that we internationally agree freely and with absolute transparency about terrorism, we would have placed the cornerstone for a new world that may be void of terrorism. And that is a miracle!
But I am sure that we shall not agree about terrorism identification. The reason is clear. And that is what is considered a terrorism against we may be an appreciable action for you, when I am against you.. and so on. Evidences are present.
A youngster trained in Beshawar, then worked in Afghanistan. Then commissioned by the British intelligence to assassinate Ghadhafi, because if the revolution is ended, Libya should have surrendered and extradite the Lockerbie case suspects to America or the U.K. he did so, and all the worlds is witness about that but ALLAH be he exalted for above freezed the bomb.
It has not exploded inspite of burning of its fuse. That is a sign of ALLAH’s miracles. If it has exploded, a number of persons would have died among which families with their children on the tribune, as well as guests.
The terrorist has confessed whatever said above . the British intelligence offer has recognized that too. It is a terrorist aer manipulated by the British intelligence in cooperation with those who came from Afghanistan.
Then, what is a terrorism against me is a repaired action and encouraged by you who consider me as your adversary.
I do not consider myself enemy of the U.K nor to that Libya Afghan youngster. I feel that I am unjustly aggressed and victim of terrorism. The other part has his own justifications. Therefore, we differ in identifying terrorism.
I explain with all transparency because I am not afraid.. nor covetous or hypocrite.
I am a real internationalist voice knowing that the world is in upheaval but has not changed yet. We should transform it in an agreeable world .
Therefore, we should completely distinguish between what is under preparation actually against Afghanistan; as it appears as a direct result from what has happened in the form of dreadful act on the day 11/9 and fighting terrorism at the world level.
The first is the U.S responsibility, and the second is the world responsibility .. there is no excuse for non cooperating, and or non-allying for the second subject, e.g fighting terrorism, if we agree about it’s identification, and reasons.
Delaying or non making it make us neglect humanity future, and disappoint next generations.
Terrorism is a fact, justified by those who exercise it.
This is the grave thing. But if Northern Ireland case is resolved in a satisfactory way for all, there would not be an Irish violence or terrorism as nominated by the Uk ,and alegitimate struggle as nominated by the Irish Republican Army : if the Palestinian cause goes in the same manner, there whould not be Palestinian terrorism as nominated by the Israelis , or legitimate armed struggle as nominated by the Palestinians .
There shall not rather be any hostility between Arabs and America .But are those reasons? Terrorism? No not at all :there are multible other cases and groups exercising violence, terrorism and struggle far from Ireland and far from Palestine .
There are for instance, no limitation the Philippines Chechnya ,Kashmir, the Tibet , the Pasques , Corsica and Tamil etc:
How will Russia, America and Saudia agree about identifying what happens in Chechnya. Russia considers it terrorism and plot against its unity . America considers it repression against auto_determination and human rights: the mosques in Saudia consider it a holy war and pray for its victory .
I consider it a plot against Muslims in Russia to isolate dwarf them and deprive then from being nationals in a nuclear state .
Muslims may govern it one day as being Russians having the right to reach highest positions in there state; Russia.
Isolating them from Russia means depriving them from that, making them a dwarf incapable state .
The same happened to Bosnian Muslims who became minority even in the Bosnian Republic.
The Hersks , after being Yugoslav nationals , one of them ,Giamal din Baditchi became the second man after Tito , whereas he was the federal Yugoslavia’s prime minister nearly because he is a Yugoslav national :
But now they could not reach these posistions even in Bosnia itself.
Consequently Bosnia chapter was a plot and a calamity over Muslims , as well as chechens . And if we may by assumption resolve problems of these regions. There are other groups exercising violence and terrorism in Southern and Northern America , as well as in Europe and Japan. If we argumentatively succeed and eliminate these groups, there is the mafia (an Arabic word : the exempted ) ,and drug groups . And if we overcome them for instance by any way , there are other wicked groups that falsify currencies (there are more than 500 billions falsified dollars)..others clean dirty monies… others smuggle arms..others sell children..others trade women.
Then come Seattle group and thereafter. Jobless, dismissed and poor people .. population explosion, migration .. minorities .. nationalities and religions conflict .. rebelled scientists .. frivoulous amateurs .. bacterial virus , electronic and biological war .. etc.
The U.K first :
If we believe that youths that have been trained in Beshaour , who entered Afganistan , accompainied Ben Laden , and spread in the four earth corners are members in the so called Qaida Organization , then the British place has the lion’s share.
If the world likes to cooperate , we have the evidences. But is it true that we are going to attack terrorism bases and states that host terrorists. I don’t think so. Unless we say that we shall do as such against every state hosting terrorists. Unless it is the U.K .
And here we shall come again to gauge with two measurements , then the balance shall be disturbed, and international concord against terrorism and else will deteriorate.
We shall then lose the battle against terrorism.
We have heard Tony Ben, the spiritual leader of the labours in the U.K, who assumed several positions including the party leadership saying :” If America supports Israelis because it fears Jews in America itself , we too in the U.K may align with terrorists because we fear 7 millions Muslims in the U.K , most of them bearing the British nationality.
What has not been said by Tony Ben was mentioned to us by the British chief of intelligence. This has made Arab states mouthpiece say , are we going to be more allied with America than the British People .
What is the difference between the U.K and Afghanistan?
Let us see what America shall do towards the U.K , first.
Mixing between America’s right to replicate on an attack set on it and right of all of us to resist terrorism.
Mixing between Ben Laden , and Taliban and between Islam and terrorism , shall abort the international action.
Accelerating with steps that are considered against terrorism in the shade of America’s right to defend itself, makes the action lose its sense , abort a world program to know the reasons of terrorism , and ways to fight it internationally , as a common enemy of America only.
It is not useful for the U.S government to mix what is an international responsibility , with what is its own responsibility in front of its people from a national point of view.
I believe that the mistake comes from a tentative to duplicate a second Gulf operation. It is not capable because it is not applicable on the actual situation.
It came also from the crowding together of slipped columns of people who encouraged the U.S government to mix the cards, postpone what should be accelerated, and accelerate what should be acted in regard slowly.
If we like to repeat what has happened in the so-called second Gulf war, we are wrong. Whereas what has happened is a state invading another. That action was absolutely not directed towards America. The invading state was not America.
But Kuwait asked for help from America and the world against Iraq. Therefore it was necessary to involve the world from a moral and political aspect and the U.N from an international official and legal aspect, talking into consideration that the matter concerns all the world . It was not the U.S responsibility alone.
As to now, the matter differs the 11/9 attack was directed to the U.S alone. And she is able to replicate. She has the right to do.
It is illogical that the U.S asks for help from the world against Afghanistan, or against Ben Laden person. But fighting terrorism is the whole world responsibility.
I do not imagine that any responsible state in the world will fail to or contradict contribution in fighting terrorism.
However, today we are hearing about states that have agreed, and others refused.
What is this?!
The reason is because we mixed between advocating a state against its enemy, and fighting terrorism which is the enemy of all.
Are we against Islam? We Arabs, we Muslims.
Is he who is against Ben Laden is against Islam .. Is he who is against Taliban is against Islam.
This is the same mistake that resulted from same mixing between the U.S right to defend itself and the world’s responsibility towards terrorism .
Not he who is against Ben Laden or against the so-called Qaida Organization is against Islam .. and not he who is against Taliban is against Islam.
I do not think that we are against Ben Laden in his person or against his youths that anti Soviet Union state , then , have trained. Nor we are against students movement as one of Afghan factions.
We are against the heretical movement that emerged from that region , exactly as it has emerged from there during orthodox caliphs days and killed Omar , Ali and Otoman i.e three from the four orthodox caliphs.
We are victims of aggression, assassination and terror from those groups that come out of our countries stealthily to fight the Soviet Union in Afghanistan on behalf of others as mercenaries.
Even if the Russian army entered according to a request from the pro-Moscow Afghan government .. exactly just as foreign armies enter actually according to request from their governments. And this is Ben Laden pretext in his interview broadcast by a TV station.
Those groups come back to devastate and kill whoever they find on their way , even children and women , whom they mutilate.
Accompanied with a call subversive to Islam. They want to spread a wave of debauchery , tergiversation libertinism and consider others than them as miscreant. While they are exercising infidelity , dissoluteness , wrongdoing , misdeed and outrages for the sake of proceeding in an enraged way towards the unknown .. without a theory .. or a specified goal.
They have only massacring , torturing in a mad way. They do not understand anything out of repetition of nonsense world such as “idol” (taghout) which is a vague world that means worship something else than Allah.
They use it to designate a person .
It doesn’t mean a person in Arabic language.
The word Islamic sharia is too an ambiguous word . It is a concept without likewise the world phoenix.
We are against those and fight them like they do us. Nevertheless we are argumentally stronger than them because we defend a civilized society. We defend the religion against debauchery , heresy and destruction that they exercise.
This is a self-defense. It is necessary , and legitimate . likewise we do not accept a new caliphate succession. We shall resist it with all means we posses. We shall not deliver our necks against to a successor to govern us by order of Allah. Though Allah did not order him to . He Has no contact with Allah.
We are not more dupe and naive to believe that succession is from Allah.
Succession is a heterodoxy from its root.
Any innovation in the religion is a heresy.
And any heresy is an aberration . Aberration and its holder are hell.
Succession is a heresy , infidelity is a heresy.
The prophet did not design a deputy or a successor to him.
We have never heard about a deputy prophet out of Haron that Allah made him minister for Moses.
Therefore , we are against heresy , succession heresy and terrorism.
Where is situated Ben Laden . Where is situated Taliban in all that? Allah knows. But that door was opened in front of Tupe, naive and even good people .. they fought as mercenaries . They believed that they were striving . Magic has reversed on the wizard.
Now a door may be opened once again in front of some errant category that are easy to exploit. They shall be disappointed , return to their respective countries and to America itself. They shall exercise terrorism and madness like it was exercise by the first group. We shall then harvest thorns that our hand have planted like the previous time “ O ! Lord ! you witness , I did announce.”
Therefore , we are in front of new global , and complicated challenges , that make it wise to look to them without a humanitarian civilized perspective devoid of religious , ethnic , linguistic and geographic emotions.
Rag fanatism or past forms are useless.
Neither are useful missiles and bombs with it. We should reexamine everything. And bet for nothing . Because all what is in our hands is nothing.
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