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Gaddafi and the past

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Author Topic: Gaddafi and the past  (Read 1493 times)
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« on: February 25, 2011, 02:42:51 pm »

The Definitive Solution of The Kashmiri Problem

It is an obligation to solve Kashmir problem peacefully because doing that will solve the problem of the everlasting rifted relation between the two sister neighbors, that is India and Pakistan.
Semantically, the meaning of the word “ Shikak” is taken from the notion of the breakup of one thing into two or more parts. Originally. What is called now Pakistan, Bangladesh and India was one geographical nation before the incidence of the breakup. They are sisters, indeed.

This breakup originated from a colonial conspiracy to avoid leaving behind a great nation with such demographic and geographic magnitude and such gigantic potentialities. The colonialism was the instigator of the different sectarian and doctrinal conflicts and the evidence is that before its incidence, the population was coexisting, peacefully, for a long period of time in the Indian peninsula.

Therefore,  British colonialism is responsible for the committed religious slaughters and the violent bloody clashes of that time. It’s this colonial conspiracy that escalated the situation to an unsolvable point that led to the breakup of that one and only entity into two sections, on sectarian and doctrinal basis, which is originally a reactionary and colonial theory.

It’s none of the interests of the inhabitants of the Indian peninsula to be disrupted and to have their potentialities dissipated and to lose those advantages, let alone to kill each other.

However, the efficient and pragmatic solution will finally prevail, in response to  globalization exigencies that is fashioning the world map into new big spaces and the inevitable and fatal vanishing of the notion of nation-state  becoming more and more incapable to survive in this era of great challenges and difficult rivalries. The new world is being fashioned on geographical basis and not on emotive reactionary ethnic or dogmatic bases (the EU, the AU etc..). The states of the Indian peninsula will find themselves obliged to merge in a single space.

Those who qualify the human blood and soul sacrifices as irresponsible acts and assimilate them to terrorism acts and the like are not apt to be mediators in solving “Kashmir” problem. We have to respect the blood and souls sacrificed by those humans, whether they were Muslims or Hindus. Those who stultify these sacrifices will not solve Kashmir problem or other ones.

Its has become obvious for the world and even for the population of that region that Kashmir is Kashmir, India is India and Pakistan is Pakistan. This is a solid ground on which we can build a solution to this problem. Things are different from what they used to be in the past. Even the similarity that once existed between Kashmir, Gunagad and Haidarabad has disappeared. The problem of the last two  was solved through a referendum according to the principle of separation that divided the Indian peninsula. It’s of no use, then, to argue that the independence of Kashmir may arise separatist claims in other provinces because this is unlikely to occur, since the status of all other provinces has been yet settled definitively and considering the subsequent Security Council resolutions, which stipulate a referendum as a solution to that problem, as it was the case in other provinces. Besides, arguing about what would be the religion of the governor, whether Hindu or Muslim and about the status of the parliament, whether local or non-local, is inadmissible, considering the international principles and resolutions in this respect.

Nevertheless, Kashmir, unlike other provinces, has a particular history, even if its population, like the other population of the Indian peninsula, is a mixture of Arions, Mongols, Turkish, and Afghans. It has also the same mixture of languages common in the peninsula.

Still, Kashmir has its own history. It was a conflict area between Buddhists and Brahmins. In a certain epoch, the Hindu’s culture and spirit prevailed till the advent of Islam. Among the particularities of Kashmir is that it was vended to a feudal family during the British occupation and remained under its control for nearly one century.
- Why was Kashmir accorded an autonomy broader than the one accorded to other provinces?
- Why was Kashmir excluded when the Indian peninsula was divided between India and Pakistan?
- And why was the problem of the two other provinces, namely Gunagad and Haidarabad, settled although they were excluded like Kashmir during the separation?
- Why the chief of the government of Kashmir was called prime minister just like the prime minister of India? Why does Kashmir have its own flag and own parliament?

It is of no use, now, to argue about the number of each religion followers since such matter was so interlaced and complicated that it was used as a playing card by the British occupation against the population of the Indian peninsula for disruptive schemes aiming at weakening that colossal entity by diving it into struggling states under the slogan of “ divide and rule”. India is not a Hindu state but a multi-religious one with Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs and it is, therefore, illogical to adapt that conflict as being between Muslims and Hindus. on the other hand, Kashmir is neither a Muslim state nor a Hindu one. It’s, on the contrary, a Hindu- Muslim state. If we follow the rule stipulating that Muslims must follow Pakistan and Hindus must follow India, this will lead to more instability in the Indian peninsula, and no definitive solution will be reached. So, we have to take away such an illogic and unfruitful approach, since it is the cause of that conflict; Muslims will remain Muslims and Hindus will remain Hindus.

It is remarkable here, that, up till now, no logical solution to this problem has been put forth and the approach continues to be emotive and fanatic, grounded on religious consideration. Involving religion is an evidence of the lack of seriousness in finding a true solution. Solely the interest of the Kashmiris must impose the solution but not the religious, ethnic and linguistic considerations, since these considerations haven’t interceded for other people in other parts of the world in a globalization era, facing common interest challenges that sole, link different peoples and renounce any religious ethnic or linguistic links.

In this respect, when we are neutral and sincere in seeking a solution to this conflict, we have to take into account the role of the international material interests of the neighboring countries of Kashmir, which, unfortunately, are being disguised by religious considerations and other emotive ones. Kashmir is a very important source of water and represents, at the same time, a security depth for the neighboring countries. Effectively, Kashmir is encompassed by four countries. Therefore, it would be inequitable to utilize or exploit religion by representing it as the cause of the problem and to omit other causes. Then, it is not permissible to sacrifice the interest of the Kashmiris and their cause for our own coveted objects and at their expense.

The truth is that Kashmir is for Kashmiris and the solution lies in the independence of Kashmir from both Pakistan and India. It has to be a neighboring country for both of them and at the same, a separating country for the four surrounding countries, like Nepal and Butane. In this respect, Eastern Timor independence is an illustrating example.

Besides, with the inevitable change of the world map to no more than spaces and the disappearance of the nation- states, due to their incapability to face  globalization challenges, the independence of Kashmir will be no more considered as a great change as it was the case in the past, in the flourishing state era. Kashmir as well as Butane, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh Maldives, Sri Lanka and India will be all included in a sole space, namely the Indian Ocean space or the Indian peninsula space, like the EU, the AU and  ASIAN.

In this era of globalization, and in order to ensure the living of their  populations, the states of the Indian peninsula have no alternative but to merge in one demographic union, in an era where the nation- state will have no place even if possessing the German economy and technology or the French nuclear power. There is no future for France, Germany or any other European country outside a European union capable of coping with the challenges of globalization and the change of the world map into a space map instead of the conventional states based map. Each space will have one common defense and mutual security, one production and consumption market, one negotiating center with other spaces, one currency and one central bank.

This is the straight way and the most appropriate solution for the population of the region with a common destiny. The reactionary methods that caused tragedies and destruction must be banished forever. Kashmir must be independent for all Kashmiris whether they are Muslims or Hindus or others.
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